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If you think landscaping a property is an unnecessary expense, think again. Your landscaping can increase your home’s value by at least 20%. Depending of course on how much you invest and whether you invest in trees and shrubs or patio rooms, outdoor lighting, or even a pool.

Landscaping increases the curb-appeal of your home, and is the first thing people see when they drive by your property. If you have nothing around your home but dirt, people notice that too and drive right on by.

You’ve probably heard that landscape architectures are expensive and all they do is draw up plans for your yards. That may be true in some instances, but many of them do the work from start to finish. There are licensed professional architects and when certified they belong to ASLA and have a four-year degree. They know about things like botany, horticulture, design and engineering, but they also know about irrigation, soil, and property grading. They know more than planting a tree.

Home and Garden stores can help you plan and possibly will even sketch out a few basics, but may not know everything you need when you plan on installing permanent structures. A professional can answer all your questions, and ask a few you never considered.

When you plan on major improvements on your property, the landscape architect will know what will work so you don’t flood or damage your neighbor’s property by your improperly installed home renovations. They can also handle city hall to get you the proper permits and inspections.

Another advantage of the landscape architect is where and how to install outdoor lighting to give your home the best security and beauty. Many use their outdoor patios as additional rooms, giving the kids a place to play, and adults a place to get away for quiet time or conversation.

You may ask, “How much should I plan to spend to bring my property to its best advantage?” Some have said that 10% of the value of your property makes it a good investment. When you consider that the improvements will increase your property value by 20% of its present value, now that is a good investment.

As the price of gasoline climbs out of reach for many, some turn to their own homes to give them the added benefits by simply enjoying their family at home. The landscape architect will help you, and the cost will be worth the investment..